Our Patriots

Our Patriots


Princeton, New Jersey

Organized in 1893


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Our Patriots

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Daughters of the American Revolution

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Princeton Chapter Members' Patriots

For membership inquires, please contact our Registrar, Margaret Foglietta: information@princetondar.org

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We regret that we cannot provide lineage information. The information on this page cannot be used as proof of service or lineage for purposes of joining the DAR

Alsdorf, Johannes NY Private 5-21-1745 Ulster Co, NY  3-5-1823 Ulster Co, N.Y Agetta Dojou
Andrews, Samuel CT Soldier 04-27-1741 Newington, Hartford Co, CT 03- -1808 Burlington,  Hartford Co, CT Mary Johnson
Averell, Ezekiel  MA Private 06-06-1754 Pownalboro, York Co, ME  02-20-1850 Wiscasset,  Lincoln Co, ME Priscilla Tuckerman
Ball, William VA NCO-Musician 1759 VA 7-7-1829 Frederick Co, VA Elizabeth Riley
Barringer, Matthias NC Captain,  Patriotic Service (Ante) 1747 Hanover, Germany 07- -1776 Died In Battle, Rowan Co, NC Margaret Bushart
Bash, Martin PA Private 1738 Germany 1834 Westmorland Co, PA Catherine X
Beaver, Nicholas PA Private 3-8-1739 Europe 3-29-1812 Buried Franklin Co, PA 1) Mary Wathkin
2) Catherine Simmer
Blakely, Aquilla VA Sergeant 1740 Prince William Co, VA 12-7-1838 Blount Co, AL XX
Blanchard, Cornelius NJ Major c. 1753 Essex Co, NJ 12-29-1801 Essex Co, NJ Sarah M Reynolds
Blanchard, John  NJ Captain, Patriotic Service 1730 Essex Co, NJ 03-25-1811 Chatham, Morris Co, NJ 1) Joana Hatfield
2) Belea Baker
3) Cath Edgar Baker
Brinker, Andrew PA Private 2-23-1760 Northampton Co, PA 5-5-1828 Columbiana Co, OH Barbara Lederman
Brinker, Ulrich PA Private/Patriotic Service 4-14-1726 Switzerland 6-20-1785 Northampton Co, PA Appolonia Bayer
Brown, Jabez MA Ensign 2-28-1733  Stow, MA POST 1790  Stow, MA Marcy Stevens
Bunnell, Abraham, NJ Lt Col, Patriotic Service 8-4-1732 NJ 11-1-1797 Hunterdon Co, NJ Elizabeth Foster
Carter, Eleazer CT Lieutenant 8-28-1740  Hartford Co, CT 2-7-1777 Litchfield Co, CT Elizabeth Buell
Chadwick, John, Sr MA Private 01-04-1720 Boxford, Essex Co, MA 04-02-1797 Boxford, Essex Co, MA Susannah Peabody
Cook, Edward NJ Private 05-24-1733 Monmouth Co, NJ 07-26-1826 Howell, Monmouth Co, NJ Lydia Chandler
Crandall, George     NY Soldier 05-29-1739 Kings Co, RI (POST) 07-02-1833  Chenango Co, NY Tacy Tanner
Darrow, William CT NCO 12-24-1759 2-16-1835 New London, CT 1) Mary Lester
2) Sally Smith
Demarest, Gilliam NJ Private/Patriotic Service 19-26-1752 Bergen Co, NJ 12-23-1811  Bergen Co, NJ Breggie Brower
Denny, William VA 2nd Lieutenant 09-27-1748 Berks Co, PA 04-05-1832 Putnam Co, IN   Mary Shields
De Wolf, Elisha  CT Private 02-16-1748 Lyme, New London Co, CT 03-07-1838 West Deerfield, Franklin Co, MA Lydia More
Dingley, Joseph MA Captain 11-28-1727 Duxbury, Plymouth Co, MA 11-25-1806 Raymond, Cumberland Co, ME Mary Jackson
Douglas, Samuel NH Captain 12-26-1723 Scotland 1816 Littleton, Grafton Co, NH 1) Molly Conant
2) Tabitha Fletcher
Franklin, Benjamin PA Signer Dec. of Ind. 1-17-1706 Boston, MA 4-17-1790 Philadelphia, PA Deborah Read
Gifford, Justis NY  Private 12-26-1753 Oblong,  Dutchess Co, NY 1800-1810 Washington Co, NY Patience Kelsey
Grannis, Timothy NH Patriotic Service 5-14-1750 New Haven, CT 5-7-1827 Cheshire Co, NH 1) Sarah Sumner
2) Sarah Nye
Gross, Lawrence NY Captain 2-10-1745 Germany 8-10-1814 NY Maria Failing
Hamilton,Andrew SC Major 7-19-1741 Augusta Co, VA 1-17-1835 Abbeville, SC Jane Magill
Hasbrouck,Elias NY Captain 5-18-1740 Ulster Co, NY 10-8-1791 Ulster Co, NY Elizabeth Sleight
Hendrickson,Daniel NJ Colonel, Patriotic Service 12-25-1736 Monmouth Co, NJ 4-4-1797 Monmouth Co, NJ Catherine VanBrunt
Heneberger,John   PA Private 12-7-1755 Lancaster Co, PA 10-28-1848 Franklin Co, PA Maria Berger
Herbert, Obediah NJ Private 9-9-1731 Middlesex Co, NJ 10-12-1777 Hunterdon Co, NJ Elizabeth Warne
Holmes,Alexander PA Private 1757 Middlesex Co, NJ 8-27-1776 Battle of LI, NY Sarah X
Kitchell, Moses NJ Lt, Patriotic Service 1739 Morris Co, NJ 1823 Warren Co, Ohio Phoebe Hedges
Lovell, James MA Patriotic Service 10-31-1737 Boston, MA 7-14-1814 Windham, Ma 1) Susanna Hastings
2) Mary Middleton
Lander,Charles VA Sergeant 1-29-1754 Fairfax Co, VA 8-15-1833 Bourbon Co,Ky 1) Katherine Forman
2) Elizabeth Jones
Mansfield, Robert  VA Private 12-19-1762 Albemarle Co,Va 10-1-1833 Orange Co,Va Mourning Clark
Marvin,Benjamin NY Captain 9-30-1737 Fairfield Co,Ct 6-26-1822 Grand Isle Co,Vt Mehitable Marvin
McQuiddy,John VA Private 3-22-1760 CulpeperCo,Va 12-24-1841 Woodford Co,Ky 1)Sarah/Elizabeth West
2) Susan Hanks Smith 
Mills,William VA Patriotic Service 1738 -------------- 1-23-1815 Alexandria Co,DC Charity Warden
Pearson,Robert  NJ Sergeant 11-5-1759 Essex Co, NJ 9-8-1843 Randolph, NJ 1) Mary Dalrymple
2) Elizabrth Price
3) Margaret Clark
Sanders, Henry SC Private 10-26-1751 Perquiman Co, NC 2-13-1834 Monroe Co, IN Dica Blake
Sherrick, Joseph PA Private 1734 Switzerland 1807 Lancaster Co, PA Susan Strickler
Stevens,Issac NJ Civil Service 1749 1-31-1811 Gloucester Co, NJ Sarah Woolston
Stillwatter,Elizabeth NJ Suffered Depredation 1751 1-23-1854 Fayette Co, PA Peter Stillwagon
Strickler, Henry PA Private 1763 Lancaster Co, PA 1-14-1840 Fayette Co, PA Frances Stewart
Stryker, Peter NJ Private/Troop of Light Horse. Somerset Co, NJ Militia 10-19-1749 Millstone, Somerset Co, NJ 02-12-1828 Millstone, Somerset Co, NJ Maria Van Nortwick
Todd, William NJ Private 4-2-1761  NJ 9-21-1845 Somerset Co, NJ 1) Ann Castner
2) Mary Honeyman
Townsend, Samuel NY Captain, Patriotic Serv. 8-7-1744 NY 9-15-1792 Queens Co, NY Sarah Horton
Welch,Casper PA Private 1746 PA 4-28-1817  Fayette Co, PA Mary Bacer
Wikoff, Peter NJ Captain 2-25-1734 Monmouth Co, NJ 4-1-1821 Monmouth Co, NJ Alice Longstreet

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